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Detailed Agenda


In the year 2013, Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) still stand on the height of enormous opportunities. As deepwater operations continue to grow, and the demand for energy and fuel efficient ships increases.China's " the 12th Five-Year Plan” declares to vigorously develop marine engineering equipment which is rising at a new height of national strategies. Undoubtedly, it will dramatically drive the offshore support vessels (OSVs) market in coming years.How to master the advanced technologies of OSV design to adapt deep water task with multi-functionalities, How to achieve environmental-friendly and high-efficiency to reach the standard of global conventions and regulations, how to control the cost during the operations, how to manage a contracting strategy to achieve long-term gains are becoming the most focused topics for both OSV owners, operators and shipyards.

Continuing from the success of Offshore Support Vessels Summit China 2012,150+ decision makers from governments, shipowners / oil and gas service companies, shipyards, research institutions,technology / equipment suppliers, financial leasing companies and consulting firms will gather together to discuss current concerns, problems and issues through Offshore Support Vessels Summit China 2013 in a global perspective.


Speakers From
• Oil & Gas Companies
• OSV owners/Oil & Gas service companies
• OSV designers
• Shipyards
• Classification Societies

WHO Should Attend
CEOs, Presidents, VPs, General Managers, Directors, Chief Engineers, Senior Managers, Marine Architects , Marine Engineers from
•  Oil & Gas companies
•  OSV owners/Oil & Gas    service companies
•  Shipyards 
•  OSV Designers
•  Marinetime Research Institutions  
•  Classification Societies 
• Vendors
•  Ports / Salvages
•  Solution Providers
•  Law Firms
•  Financial Institutions
•  Consulting Companies


Hot Topics
•  Global OSV Market Demand and Market Opportunities
•  Is the Asia Pacific Market Growing?
•  Design Optimization for Economic Operation
•  Panel Discussion: China OSV Market
•  Design and Technology Innovations in Building OSVs
•  Energy Efficient Operations and Fuel Consumption Reduction Strategies
•  DP Technologies and Developments
•  Outlook from Finance Market for the OSV Sector