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Events act as an essential gear in the modern economy, creating micro marketplaces where executives can meet, gain information and do business.


The power of being face to face

In a recent Harvard Business Review survey, 95% of respondents said that nothing beats face to face meetings when it comes to developing new clients, negotiating, maintaining relationships and overcoming cultural differences.
 Our events provide excellent opportunities to conduct face to face meetings in the setting of 5 star business hotels


Connect directly with the high quality decision makers

We have an excellent track record of attracting c-level and director attendees. We do not fill exhibition halls with irrelevant academics, recruiters and students. Our events attract high level senior decision makers to the luxurious surrounding of high quality business hotels.


Save time and money

Organising, travelling to and attending meetings can take months, so why not let us do the hard work for you? As a sponsor of one of our events, we will work with you to enable you to meet the people you need to in just two days.


Enhance your brand portfolio

We have one of the best databases in the world of senior executives and proven buyers from the shipbuilding and shipping. As a sponsor, you will benefit from our access to over 10,000 executives.










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GS-Hydro is the original provider of non-welded piping systems with numerous benefits for a wide variety of demanding applications. The company operates globally in more than twenty-five countries through own frontline companies and agents in past 40 years.

GS-Hydro’s piping solutions are extensively used in the shipbuilding industry for hydraulic, seawater and other piping systems. With special requirements for high cleanliness, fast installation and flexible engineering, GS-Hydro’s non-welded system brings major time and cost benefits for customers. 

Furthermore, many environment risks can be eliminated by using non-welded technology as the carbon footprint of it is approx 50% lower than traditional welding. GS-Hydro non-welded technology is definitely a clean, low-emission, energy-efficient solution.








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Huisman is a globally operating company founded in 1929 and with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy construction equipment for world’s leading onshore and offshore companies. Our product range can be subdivided into six main categories: Cranes, Pipelay Equipment, Drilling Equipment, Winches, Vessel Designs, and Specials and varies from stand-alone components to highly engineered integrated systems.

Huisman expanded its operations to Fujian Province (Xiamen area) in China to facilitate customers in Asia and to increase the overall production capacity. The facility has been fully operational since April 2007 and delivers a significant contribution to the overall Huisman engineering and production capacity. Huisman China has more than excellent production facilities at its disposal. The biggest workshop, out of a total of 17 production halls, is 205m long, 54m wide and 62m high and has an internal lifting capacity of 2,000mt. In December 2012 a 380m long quayside with deep water access became operational allowing us to install our products with the 2,400mt quayside crane (named: Skyhook). Besides the enormous lifting capacity of the Skyhook, the quayside is equipped with a Ro-Ro facility and a heavy duty test facility.








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Founded in 1910 Switzerland, Sika is now a global company specializing in specialty chemicals and application technology. In the field of building, construction and manufacturing industry, Sika is a leader in processing materials used in sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures. A total of 170 production and marketing subsidiary companies in 93 countries are closely linking customers with Sika.

Sika commits itself to acoustic flooring and sealing and bonding of all kinds of materials solution for Marine industry.

Based in Suzhou Industrial Park, the regional headquarter of Sika China runs 10 production factories and marketing & sales network throughout China. Depending on excellent quality and diversified products, Sika China provides customer with all around solutions as well as strong technical support.











Aspin Kemp & Associates is a leader in power and propulsion technology. AKA has invented the world’s first DP3 closed ring operation system and has demonstrated the high reliability of the system in live short circuit tests as required by the DNV class since 2011.
AKA offers a full spectrum of integrated solutions incorporate several patented and innovative technologies including Advanced Generator Protection, the XeroPoint Hybrid Power and Propulsion System and Hybrid Drill Floor for ultra-deepwater drillships. AKA has shifted the paradigm for fuel efficiency in offshore drilling with proven fuel savings of up to 40%.







Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of  marine engines. In addition, Scania provides various forms of Service-related products and financing solutions to ensure that customers enjoy optimal marine solution and uptime. Established in 1891, the company operates in about 100 countries. Research and development activities are concentrated in Sweden, while production takes place in Europe and South America.

Scania marine propulsion engine power range from 162kW(220hp) to 846kW(1150hp).

Scania marine auxiliary engine power range from 199kW to 640kW.