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Why Sponsor ?

Events act as an essential gear in the modern economy, creating micro marketplaces where executives can meet, gain information and do business.


The power of being face to face

In a recent Harvard Business Review survey, 95% of respondents said that nothing beats face to face meetings when it comes to developing new clients, negotiating, maintaining relationships and overcoming cultural differences.
 Our events provide excellent opportunities to conduct face to face meetings in the setting of 5 star business hotels


Connect directly with the high quality decision makers

We have an excellent track record of attracting c-level and director attendees. We do not fill exhibition halls with irrelevant academics, recruiters and students. Our events attract high level senior decision makers to the luxurious surrounding of high quality business hotels.


Save time and money

Organising, travelling to and attending meetings can take months, so why not let us do the hard work for you? As a sponsor of one of our events, we will work with you to enable you to meet the people you need to in just two days.


Enhance your brand portfolio

We have one of the best databases in the world of senior executives and proven buyers from the shipbuilding and shipping. As a sponsor, you will benefit from our access to over 10,000 executives.







Silver Sponsor:

Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of  marine engines. In addition, Scania provides various forms of Service-related products and financing solutions to ensure that customers enjoy optimal marine solution and uptime. Established in 1891, the company operates in about 100 countries. Research and development activities are concentrated in Sweden, while production takes place in Europe and South America.


Scania marine propulsion engine power range from 162kW(220hp) to 846kW(1150hp).

Scania marine auxiliary engine power range from 199kW to 640kW. 





Carbon Neutral Sponsor:

RightShip is the world’s leading maritime risk management and environmental assessment organisation.


RightShip’s online risk management tool, RightShip Qi, brings all the benefits of big data and predictive analytics to maritime risk management, providing users with sophisticated, real-time vetting insights and enhanced reporting capabilities.


Adding depth to the risk management assessment, RightShip’s GHG Emissions Rating compares a vessel’s theoretical CO2 output to other ships of a similar size and type using an A-G rating scale. Enjoying significant uptake amongst charterers, shipowners, financial institutions and ports, the GHG Rating is now used as a vessel selection tool for every one in five ships chartered, equating to 29,500 annual vessel movements or over 2.3 billion DWT of cargo per annum.


With offices in London, Melbourne and Houston, RightShip provides customers with 24/7 access and assistance to help maintain the safety and environmental sustainability of their fleet.



Green Technology Sponsor:


GTT is an engineering company expert containment system for the transport and storage of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in cryogenic conditions. The company provides engineering, services, consultancy, trainings, support, maintenance and technical studies.


Working all around the world in partnership with the main shipyards and ship-owners, GTT operates in several sectors: LNG Carriers and Very Large Ethane Carriers, Multi-gas carriers, Floating LNG units, Floating Storage and Regasification units, onshore storage tanks and bunkering.


Its expertise and ability to innovate to meet customer requirements and international regulations allow GTT to propose solutions for the whole LNG chain, including LNG use as a fuel for commercial vessels and cruise ships, and distribution by feeder or barge.



Presentation Sponsor:


Danfoss IXA develops sensors and systems for the maritime industry, solving energy optimization and measurement of emission gases. Our sensor products are based on patented technology and are ideally suited for the global focus on energy efficiency and the environment.


The novel MES 1001 Marine Emission Sensor continuously measures NOx, SO2 and NH3 directly in the exhaust system (in situ). The user-friendly, maintenance-free sensor enables ship owners to monitor and document compliance with local and international emission regulations. In addition, the sensor is suitable for dynamic engine control, closed feedback loop for control of SCR after-treatment systems, and documentation of fuel shifting. The widely tested robust sensor meets IMO’s requirements and reimagines emission monitoring technology with a path breaking approach.


Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (WinGD) is a leading developer of two-stroke low-speed gas and diesel engines used for propulsion power in merchant shipping. WinGD's target is to set the industry standard for reliability, efficiency and environmental friendliness. WinGD provides designs, licences and technical support to manufacturers, shipbuilders and ship operators worldwide. The engines are manufactured under licence in four shipbuilding countries. WinGD has its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland, where, as one of the earliest exponents of diesel technology, it started the development of large internal combustion engines in 1898 under the "Sulzer" name.



Lanyard and Badge Sponsor:


GS-Hydro is the original provider of non-welded piping systems with numerous benefits for a wide variety of demanding applications. The company operates globally in more than twenty-five countries through own frontline companies and agents in past 40 years.


GS-Hydro’s piping solutions are extensively used in the shipbuilding industry for hydraulic, seawater and other piping systems. With special requirements for high cleanliness, fast installation and flexible engineering, GS-Hydro’s non-welded system brings major time and cost benefits for customers.  


Furthermore, many environment risks can be eliminated by using non-welded technology as the carbon footprint of it is approx 50% lower than traditional welding. GS-Hydro non-welded technology is definitely a clean, low-emission, energy-efficient solution.






Jiangsu Nanji Machinery Co., Ltd, which is devoting on research of equipment such as anti-pollution of vessels, shaft, steering gear system and etc. for more than 40 years, developed NiBallastTM ballast water management system independently. The BWMS adopts mechanical filtration + membrane separation + nitrogen feeding de-oxygen treatment technology, with advantages of no secondary pollution, few sediments, reduce corrosion on bulkhead, low power consumption, flexible arrangement, easy maintenance, low operation cost and etc. The systems are applied to bulk carriers, oil tanks, ocean engineering vessels and etc., and operated with stable performance.



Jianlong Electrical is a domestic enterprises which combined researchand development, design, manufacture and sales. We possess and master many high-tech industrial products and widely apply in difference industry and filed which include high-current industrial connector, shipborne and shore power socket boxes, shipborne cable drum, high-protection industrial connector, maintenance socket boxes, high-protection PC enclosure, sealed window boxes and connectors for NEV in harbor and shore, shipbuilding industry, new energy, rail transit and industrial automation etc. We are in the lead in this industry.



Mikrotech tech Wuxi Co., Ltd focus on Marine environ- mental protection technology, design, development, production and sales, mainly engaged in ship exhaust gas desulfurization system. The company to meet the global onwer’s with professional technology, reliable quality and global services .


EGC system for high sulfur flue gas treatment of ship host, auxiliary equipment, boiler combustion, to achieve the same effect with low sulfur oil. The International Maritime Organization for ship emissions requirements increasingly strict, has passed MARPOL VI (ECA), regional emissions regulations defining SOX emission limits, the IM0 has already adopted the new guidelines after 2020, emissions of fuel sulfur content not higher than 0.1% in the region outside the region to use, emissions of fuel sulfur content not higher than 0.5%. During the voyage, in order to achieve the emission standards, the price of expensive low sulfur oil, can be used in EGC system of our company. The EGC system is suitable for all types of ships, and is suitable for new shipbuilding and refitted ships.




Danfoss Drives: We are driven by drives and passionate about providing a competitive edge in key applications across various industries. This passion is clearly visible in many areas of our business. We live and breathe drives. Danfoss Drives is unique in that it is 100% focused on developing, manufacturing and supplying AC drives. Our portfolio of high-quality, application-optimized products maximizes process performance, saves the most energy and minimizes emissions.